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Math Scavenger Hunt

Find mathematical data at various places in the park and solve a page of problems.


  1. Contestants will receive a page of equations. To solve each equation, they need a number. To get the number, they follow clues to find postings around the park at various rides.
  2. The first number will be posted at the Interactive Booth. Plug it into the first equation and then head off to the location given by the clue below that number.
  3. At the next location, and subsequent locations, answer the question inside the rectangle and use your answer to solve the next problem.
  4. Return to the Interactive Booth to get answers checked and receive the stamp and score.

Example: (only an example!)

  1. At location #3, the question is "How many people can ride in a single car on Psycho Mouse?"
  2. The answer is four (4) which you learn by checking out the ride.
  3. Substitute that number into your equation:
                          Y = 8 X2 - 5X + 7 = 8 42 - 5 4 + 7 = 155
  4. The clue is "You will feel like you are falling out of control on this ride." So you head off to Drop Tower to find the next clue.

Celebration Plaza

Time:  9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Updated 2/07/2017