New Regatta @ Boomerang Lagoon
** May 12 ONLY **

This is a new event for Physics/Science/Math Days that we are going to try out during the 2017 season. If all goes well, this will be a contest for every day. This year's contestants will be setting the bar for future PSM'ers.

A course will be set out in Boomerang Lagoon, approximately 20 meters (60 feet) long. Boaters will wade out to the start line, release their boats on signal from the starter, then reclaim their craft at the end of the course, also wading. Time will be available for checking wind direction, angle of the sail, etc. before the event.

Boats will be wind powered only. They can be as simple as a piece of wood or milk carton, or a more advanced design built more like a real sailing craft. There should be no advantage to have a boat that costs more than $5-10 to build, so thought should go to recycling and use of non-nautical materials.
The Regatta

Location:  Boomerang Lagoon

Time:  10:00-11:00

Posted 2/7/17