AP Physics

You have been hired by an audio-visual company to help produce a video that clearly illustrates some of the key physics concepts that are likely to be encountered at an amusement park. However, your task is to show these concepts through events or situations found in a student’s daily life rather than at an amusement park. You will be ultimately assigned to a team, where your partner’s job will be to show the same concept at an amusement park.

Specific Task:

  1. Choose five (5) of the concepts from the list below.
  2. For each concept, choose a scene that clearly illustrates the basic concept well. This scene should come from a student’s daily life. Describe the scene.
  3. For each of your concepts, describe how you would "shoot" the scene to emphasize the concept.
  4. Finally, describe how the concept applies to the scene you chose.



Use a table like the one which follows to record your ideas. This assignment will be due at the end of the period, returned to the substitute. The completed assignment will be worth up to 25 points.

Concept Used:

Describe the Scene

How you would emphasize the concept while shooting

How the concept applies to the scene


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Updated 1/27/2012