Electronic Data Collection on Drop Tower

Before you ride




While you ride

After you ride

Return the unit to the Electronic Data Center. Download the data. If possible, they will print the graphs of your force/mass vs. time so you can do onsite analysis. The data will be posted online so it can be downloaded for further exploration later.


Use the back of this page to answer the questions below. Use the ride description to determine where you were on the ride for each of these portions. Also note any peculiar accelerations encountered.
    1. Describe the graph during the initial seconds you recorded. Compare the shape of the graph to your movement during that portion ride.
    2. Where were the readings greatest? What were the readings there? Explain why the readings were the greatest at that point.
    3. Where were the readings the least? What were the readings there? Explain why the readings were the least at those points.
    4. In general, the larger the force one feels, the larger the acceleration acting. Do the places where the accelerometer recorded the largest values the same places you felt the largest forces? Why or why not?

 Ride Profile:



Click here to download an MS Word file for the document above: electrodrop.doc
Click here to download a pdf file for the document above: electrodrop.pdf

January 2012