Activity: Develop a specific lab activity that could be carried out successfully by a student in a high school physics course. Describe the ride or specific section(s) of a ride, the measurements that would need to be taken or estimated, the calculations that would need to be done, the instruments that should be used, and the quality expected of the end results.

Assessment: Does the activity display a good understanding of the underlying physics concepts? Is it feasible? Does it present an element of challenge to the student’s ability or knowledge (or both)?







[Note: This activity can be modified in a large variety of ways. It could be used as a group project, it could be used in a middle or junior high setting, or it could be used with an emphasis on a specific principle like energy. In many ways, filling out a worksheet is less exacting while the creation of a new product calls for a much higher level thinking skill.]

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Updated 1/28/2012