Ride Profile Exercise

Watch the video to get an up close and personal look at the ride called Flight Deck (formerly Top Gun) at California's Great America. We took an electronic device that recorded our altitude throughout the ride.

Profile 2

Place the letter from the graph which corresponds to the description on the line in front of the descriptor. There is one best answer for each descriptor.

  1. ____ Lift hill

  2. ____ Top of the vertical loop

  3. ____ Final "Jet Turn" where the car comes close to the lake

  4. ____ Bottom of the hill, entering the vertical loop

  5. ____ First corkscrew section (barrel roll)

  6. ____ Second corkscrew section (wingover roll)

  7. ____ Place where the ride goes the fastest

  8. ____ Place where the riders go at a constant speed

  9. ____ Bottom of ride leaving the vertical loop

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Updated 1/28/2012