(Ring Toss concession)

"Probability is nothing more than a mathematical way of expressing chance."

Original instruction: Toss or observe someone tossing 200 rings, one at a time, towards the bottles. Note the number of times they are successful.


The number of rings caught on the bottles was ...5...


1. What are the chances of getting a prize by getting a ring caught?

________ # of rings caught / 200 rings tossed

________ # of rings caught / ring tossed

2. Express the above result in terms of percent of the time you would get a ring caught:


3. How many prizes would you win from 200 throws if one caught ring = one prize?


4. Suppose it cost $1.00 for four throws. What would the average cost be to win a prize as a ring tosser?


5. If it costs company "CGA" $3.00 for every prize, what would be their profit per person playing, assuming that a person will toss until he/she wins a prize?


6. If 400 people per day played until they each won a prize, what would be the profit per day from this particular booth? Assume everyone tosses at the same level of skill.

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Updated 1/28/2012