Describe a place in your daily life where an object fits each of the descriptions below. An object and situation can be used more than once, but try to be original and creative. Some possible places to look for these might include playgrounds, shopping malls, sports, driving, riding a bike, dancing, etc. Be sure to describe the situation fully, don't just give a place name - tell what is happening when the conditions are met.

1. The vertical acceleration is zero, but the object is moving:

Example: When you are going at a steady speed along a horizontal section of a street on your bike

2. The vertical acceleration is greater than 1 g:


3. The vertical acceleration is less than 1 g:


4. Potential Energy is being converted into Kinetic Energy:


5. Kinetic Energy is being converted into Potential Energy:


6. The longitudinal acceleration is positive, not zero:


7. The longitudinal acceleration is negative, not zero:


8. Lateral acceleration is significant:


9. Centripetal Force is directed horizontally:


10. Centripetal Force is directed vertically upwards:


11. Centripetal Force is directed vertically upwards:


12. A place where the effects of friction are immediately apparent:

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Updated 1/28/2012