Describe at least one place in California's Great America which fits each of the descriptions below. The same ride may be used more than once, or not at all. Some descriptions may be met at a location other than a ride. Be sure to describe the location fully, don't just give the name of the ride - tell where on the ride this occurs. 
  1. The vertical acceleration is zero, but the rider is moving:

    Example: When you are going at a steady speed across the horizontal section at the top on  The Demon 

  2. The vertical acceleration is greater than 1 g:

  3. The vertical acceleration is less than 1 g:

  4. Potential Energy is being converted into Kinetic Energy:

  5. Kinetic Energy is being converted into Potential Energy:

  6. Other forms of energy are being converted into Heat:

  7. The longitudinal acceleration is equal to or greater than 1 g:

  8. The longitudinal acceleration is less than 1 g, but not zero:

  9. The longitudinal acceleration is negative:

  10. The lateral acceleration is significant:

  11. Centripetal Force is directed horizontally:

  12. Centripetal Force is directed vertically upwards:

  13. Centripetal Force is directed vertically downwards:

  14. A place where the effects of friction are immediately apparent:

  15. The ride which gives the greatest net force to the riders (describe fully):

This page is used by several schools for students to summarize their understanding of the amusement park experience. Assessment might be a random check of 5 items, or it may be more exhaustive. This page can be completed at the end of the day, or as students are waiting in line.

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Updated 1/28/2012