Crazy Compositions

You have been hired by a magazine to do a story on:


Choose a magazine to write your article.

You may use the suggested title or make up your own.

  1. Popular Mechanical Science
  2. Local Geographic
  3. Science Fiction Thriller
  4. The Fall Street Journal
  5. Better Parks & Gardens
  6. Sports World
  7. Poetry Corner
  8. True Romance
  9. Newsday
  10. Scientific Amusement
  11. Wide World of Fun

"Building Your Own Roller Coaster"
"Adventures in the Park"
"Aliens Invade the Park"
"Games: The Odds of Breaking Even"
"Springtime in the Park"
"Creative Coasting"
"Thoughts While Strolling in the Park"
"Romance Rides Again"
"Field Trip is Learning Success"
"Physics of Fun"
"The Thrill of the Downhill Run"

Moments & Messages