Physics/Science/Math Days Crossword Puzzle


1. An energy form based on position above or below another point

6. Product of force and distance moved; amount of energy changed from one form to another

8. No net force between object and its surroundings; free fall

10. Ability to do work; comes in many forms at the amusement park

11. Resistance to motion due to one object rubbing against another

12. How fast an object is moving combined with its direction

13. Quantity of matter in an object

14. Side-to-side

15. Resistance of an object to moving or changing its motion


2. Rate at which the velocity changes; F/m

3. A push or pull; usually leads to an object changing its motion

4. Aligned with the rider's back; not horizontal

5. Mathematically the tendency of a body to keep moving; product of mass and velocity

6. Effect of gravity's pull on an object's mass

7. Adjective meaning "active" or "in motion"; type of energy

9. Force of attraction between two bodies that have mass

Note: The puzzle above cannot be filled in. It needs to be printed out and answered with pencil and paper.

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Updated 1/28/2012