The Orbit



Do the following while watching:

Observe an object or feature on the ride near the middle of the spinning ride. Does the object seem to be going faster or slower than the cars at the edge of the ride?

For one trip around, the car on the outside

goes     the object near the middle

takes     the object near the middle

goes, therefore      the object near the middle


Do the following after riding:
DATA: (When ride is at full speed)





________ m, ________ ft (Determine the data you must collect to answer this first!)


Do the following while riding: (Choose a time when the ride is as close to vertical as possible)

Use the vertical accelerometer to measure…




Attach a rubber washer to a string and hang it from your hand. Describe the motion of the washer as you go through one complete turn horizontally (sideways) and one complete turn vertically (up and down):

HORIZONTAL (sideways):


VERTICAL (up and down):

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Updated 1/28/2012