Length of track = 1,920 ft =

Height of first hill = 91 ft =

While standing in line…

  1. Time for ride = ________ sec
  2. Estimate length of one car = ________ (a)
  3. Number of cars in train = ________ (b)
  4. Length of train = ________ [(a) x (b) = (d)]
  5. Time for length of train to pass a given point at the bottom of the first hill: ________ sec (t)
  6. Calculate the speed of the train coming down the first hill: ________
    [v = d/t]



While riding…
  1. Where on the ride did you feel the heaviest?



  2. Where on the ride did you feel the lightest?



  3. Using an accelerometer, where did you record the most g's?



  4. Describe the pushes and pulls you feel while riding. Where did those forces occur?