Roller Coaster Essentials


Do This Before Riding:

Directions: Match the word in the numbered Column with the description in the lettered column.

_____ 1. Mass

A. Push or Pull



_____ 2. Acceleration

B. Shape of a roller coaster hill



_____3. Friction

C. Going down a roller coaster hill



_____4. Velocity

D. What causes objects to have inertia



_____5. Inertia

E. Going up a roller coaster hill



_____6. Momentum

F. Energy of Motion



_____7. Kinetic Energy

G. Resistance to motion caused by rubbing



_____8. Parabola

H. Energy of position.



_____9. Potential Energy

I. Object’s speed in a given direction



____10. Force

J. Change in speed and/or direction




K. Tendency of matter to resist, moving in the same direction. = m*a




L. Tendency to remain at rest or move at a constant speed in a straight line.