Amusement parks provide for the safety of their visitors in many ways. Policemen walk the park making sure park rules are followed by all visitors and park workers. Park ride operators know the amusement park rides and are always watching to be sure the ride is operating safely and properly. Rules to be followed for a safe enjoyable ride are posted at each ride for your information and safety and must be obeyed.

    1. Do you have to be taller than a certain height to ride the ride? If so, how is this height measured?



    2. Why is there a height rule for some rides and not for others?



    3. What safety checks does the ride operator make before starting the ride?



    4. How does the ride operator start and stop the ride?



    5. Does the ride have a lap bar or a safety belt that holds you firmly in the seat? Which rides are more likely to have safety belts or lap bars? Why?



    6. How do the brakes work to stop the ride? Is there anything else that slows the ride?



    7. How are lap bars made to protect against injury?



    8. What other safety features do you see on the rides?



    9. Explain the mechanisms (wheels/brakes) that provide ride safety on the DEMON, VORTEX, and FLIGHT DECK coasters.




    10. Explain the mechanisms (wheels/brakes) that provide ride safety on the GRIZZLY coaster.





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Updated 1/28/2012