Reno Blog 2 2017

The Federation spring tournament, hosted by the Sacramento Chinese Golf Club, was held in Reno, Nevada, on May 20-21. The first day of competition was held at Lakeridge Golf Course with 41 players teeing it up. After an afternoon round starting at 1:30, the players and significant others gathered in the Nugget for an evening of food, drink, karaoke and fellowship. Awards will be given out Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the few photos below.
In carts 1
Loading up for Lakeridge
In carts 2
Watch out pars & birdies!
Marmots at work
The View
Just love the view at this hole
Everyone's favorite hole at Lakeridge Golf Course
Golfer    Marmot
William tees off ..... nearby the Big Marmot lurks
Dining 2
New Pres.
Karaoke from SCGC
More karaoke
Der ladies

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May 20, 2017