MAY 28-30, 2010

The Sacramento Club’s 57th Biennial Memorial Day Invitational Golf Tournament returned to the beautiful Lincoln Hills Golf Club in Lincoln, CA. The 36-hole medal play event was played on their Orchard and Hills Courses on Saturday and Sunday which was preceded by the Federation Team Matches on Friday.

The Federation Team Matches saw 11 teams participate on the Hills Course and the Seattle Cascade team was the winner with the Oakland Club coming in second. The four person team’s best two net scores was the format used for this event.

Both courses had generous fairways that can put you to sleep, but the greens were an awakening for most of the close to 100 players as three-putts and more became the norm on many of the holes. With great weather on both days, actually three days with the Federation Team Matches played on Friday, the players could only look forward to the fellowship and camaraderie on the 19th hole and the excellent socials.

Following the 8:00am shotgun start at the Orchard Course on Saturday, attendees were treated to a sushi buffet at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Roseville. The all you can eat and nice varieties of foods were enjoyed by all. On Sunday, everyone headed into Sacramento to feast themselves at the Rice Bowl Restaurant with a tasty Chinese banquet dinner. Other activities included optional Side Bets with bookie Steve Vines, the horse race, and great raffle prizes.

A bit of nostalgia was on the evening program as a tribute and recognition to David Jan was made. With his passage this past year, David was one of the founding members of the Sacramento Club that was formed in 1938 which was motivated by the discrimination from local public courses, and of course, his love for the game of golf. He was one of the supporters in the forming of the Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs in 1970 and the Sacramento Club was one of the eight charter clubs that formed the Federation.

The Federation is now in its 40th year and to celebrate the occasion, the Federation invited all Federation past presidents to be recognized for their past service. (See following article on the Federation’s 40th anniversary.)

Congratulations are in order to the Sacramento Club, President Rocky Yee, Tournament Director Wei Mao and their committees for a great event. Great job, guys!


Men's Field:       Women's B Flight:    
FLG Wes Chong 148 DRGN   LG Candy Tom 142 OAK
FLN Tommy Chong 128 DRGN   LN Shirley Lee 145 OAK
Women's Field:             
FLG Jessica Yee 169 SAC   Senior Men's Flight:
FLN Stella Chan 131 SF   LG Steve Hiroshima 169 BAK
         LN Hugh Lee 143 OAK
Champion's Flight:              
LG Greg Yip 152 SAC   Senior Women's Flight:
LN Glen Gingrich 135 SAC   LG Jeanette Chan 198 SAC
2N Allen Mar 140 LA   LN Sarah Fong 147 SF
President's Flight:        Goofy Golfer Awards:  
LG Ken Yee 163 SAC     Curtis Chin 175 SEA
LN Sean Wong 137 SAC     Jean Chong 178 SAC
2N Rocky Yee 140 SAC     Jon Chong 159 DRGN
            Kevin Hatano 173 VAG
Vice President's Flight:         Sandra Lo 167 SF
LG Paul Lee 167 DRGN     Howard Shao 167 OAK
LN John Sturges 140 PORT      
2N Vince Kwan 142 SAC   Federation Team Matches:  
          LN Curtis Chin 122 SEA
Treasurer's Flight:         Larry Luke    
LG Mark Eng 187 SEA   Aiko Tada     
LN Howard Fong 139 GH   Gary Wong    
2N Brian Hatano 142 VAG      
          2N Hugh Lee 125 OAK
Women's A Flight:         Shirley Lee    
LG Joyce Shao 139 OAK     Caxton Rhodes    
LN Catilin Yee 142 SAC     Joe Young    


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Photo 1
Team Match 2nd
Photo 2
Team Match 1st
Photo 3
Sportspersons Awards
Photo 4
Senior Women Winners
Photo 5
Senior Men Winners
Photo 6
Women's B Flight
Photo 7
Women's A Flight
Photo 8
Treasurer Flight
Photo 9
Vice President Flight
Photo 10
President Flight
Photo 11
Championship Flight
Photo 12
Low Field Winners

Download a pdf version of the Sacramento Chinese Golf Club's newsletter that has photos and more! Click here.

Updated 8/29/2010
C. Bakken