NOVEMBER 2012               NEWSLETTER          VOLUME XLII NO.1





Dear Federation Members:
I am honored to have been selected as the President of the Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs.    The other members of my team are, Noel Wong of Marin, Gene Wong of Vancouver and Steve Vines of Los Angeles.
 Let me begin by personally thanking Hugh Lee for his many years of service to the Federation.  The Federation was formed on May 29, 1970 and Hugh been a part of our leadership since the beginning.  His selflessness, love of the game, and desire to serve others has benefited all the members of the Federation.

The Federation is an advisory group to our Clubs/Members.  It is up to the Federation Clubs/Members to give us suggestions, recommendations and direction.  We are currently working on the following:
1. Improving communication to/from the Federation and Clubs/Members
2. Improving distribution of successful ideas and information to/from other clubs
3. Increasing participation in Federation Events
Thank you for your trust in me and my team.  We look forward to serving you...

Rocky Yee
Federation President,
Sacramento Chinese Golf Club President
Board Meeting Minutes August 31, 2012
Held at Sandman Hotel in Vancouver, B.C.
Meeting called to order 8:00 p.m.
Roll Call Attendance: Hugh Lee (Oakland), Johnnie Lau (Hawaii), Danny Wong (Tucson), Donald Gin (Tucson), Gorman Lee (Victoria)/proxy (Dragons), David Yip (Oakland), Candy Tom (Oakland), Therese Yee for Steve Vines (Los Angeles), Rocky Yee (Sacramento), Gene Wong (Vancouver), and Waimun Yee (Portland).
Minutes of Meeting Sacramento
May 26, 2012
Minutes were reviewed; correction noted by Gorman Lee that Rocky Yee did not submit the meeting minutes for the Victoria, B.C.  It was done by Waimun Yee.
No quorum, so May 26th meeting minutes still need to be approved by Board
President’s Report
Membership/Participation Scheduling Conflict 2013
Hugh reported that he has gained insight on clubs’ membership drives.  Invitational participation increased due to more members attending events.

With regards to a scheduling conflict between Oakland’s Maui tournament and Los Angeles’ Las Vegas tournament in November 2013.  LA has decided to continue with their efforts to proceed with their 2013 Las Vegas tournament; as it is not a Federation Tournament.

Unfinished Business Hawaii/Oakland Maui Invitational 2013 Candy Tom reported that the dates for the Maui tournament will be November 7 – 10, 2013.  She is working to get the following courses lined up for play and practice rounds: The Kapalua Plantation, Makena or Ailea, Kahili, and King Kamehameha.  It was suggested to have the accommodations split between condos (with kitchenettes) and hotel rooms.  The proposed cost will be approximately $400/per person.  More details TBA.

Johnnie Lau was invited into the tournament committee to oversee the fundraising portion.  Initiating an Oakland/Hawaii partnership.  Thank you Johnnie!!!

Secretary –Treasurer’s Report
Recognition Awards
Waimun Yee reported that there is almost $7,000 in the Federation’s account balance.  A detailed breakdown was given to Rocky as well as all paperwork.

Annual dues are approximately $1,400
Expenses at approximately $1,000

It was suggested by Johnnie Lau that the incoming treasurer should provide a more detailed profit/loss statement to the general membership.  Treasurer's report was since given and is attached hereto.

Incoming board will provide a proposed annual budget that the club membership will approve.

Hugh moved that the budget review be tabled until the incoming board could review and make adjustments before seeking club membership approval.

Election of New  Clubs Due to Johnnie Lau spending more time at his home in Las Vegas, he inquired as to the steps necessary for starting up a new club to join the Federation.  It was suggested that more detailed information would benefit all if it was available on the Federation website.  Rocky working on membership forms (constitution, by-laws, etc...).
Election Summary of OFFICERS Incoming Officers:

President                     Rocky Yee (Sacramento)
1st Vice President        Noel Wong (Marin)
2nd Vice President       Gene Wong (Vancouver)
Secretary/Treasurer    Steve Vines (Los Angeles)
Approved by the Board Via e-mail ballots

Out-Going Officers:
President                     Hugh Lee (Oakland)
1st Vice President        Wesley Chong (Dragons)
2nd Vice President       Dan Lo (San Francisco)
Secretary/Treasurer    Waimun Yee (Portland)

NOTE:  Incoming Officer's terms will expire  May 31, 2014

Recommend Changes by Rocky Rocky suggested that officer duties be modified to encompass the location of the membership areas so that better communications between individual clubs and the board would be enhanced. 
VP North – Noel Wong; VP Northwest – Gene Wong; VP South – Steve Vines
Rocky/Noel will split and oversee the NorCal Clubs and Hawaii, Steve will oversee LA, San Diego and Tucson, Gene will oversee the Northwest.  In the event of expansion, additional VP’s made be added.  Duties will be expanded.

Hugh suggested that Bank Statements go to Rocky and checkbook stay with Steve.  Federation Officer present at Federation Meeting(s) will take minutes.  Agreed by Rocky.
Board needs to vote to Change Article V of the Constitution to restructure Officers Responsibilities & Officer Duties
New Business Rocky would like to expedite voting on matters by Board members.  In order to do this he would like to have an amendment made that would allow voting by email.  Email response time would be seven (7) days from receipt of the email. 

Gorman Lee noted that seven days was too short a time to obtain a response from board members and that fourteen (14) days would be more realistic. 

Gene Wong seconded the motion to have fourteen days allow email response since some clubs don’t meet regularly and it would be difficult to get a decision without checking with their members. 

Open discussion on the Purpose of the Federation, spending of Federation Funds to be further discussed amongst the Board.  After the meeting, Johnny Lau suggested that the Federation could participate in the "welcome reception" for Federation Events, where federation funds could be used for all federation members.  Use of Federation funds need to be further discussed.  Any suggestions would be open for discussion.
Board needs to vote on Amendment allowing email voting and 14 day response time
Five Year Plan for Invitational Events The 5 year plan was discussed, no changes were made to the schedule.  Conflict between Tucson 2015 and LA's Memorial Day 2015 was discussed.  Danny would review schedule to see if the date for Tucson could be pushed farther away from Memorial Day (weather permitting).  LA has communicated that they desire to continue with their LA Memorial Day Tournament every other year, conflict or not.
Host for Federation Team Matches 2013 LA will host the 2013 Federation Team Match at Industry Hills and Sierra Lakes.

Federation will review purchasing a Perpetual Trophy, savings of up to $400 per year. 

Host for Federation Senior Event 2013 Portland to host the 2013 Senior event.  Discussion regarding whether Senior events should be sponsored by Federation or by the Host Club.  Matter to be further discussed.
Announcements L.A. Memorial Day Invitational  May 25-6, 2013
Portland Labor Day Invitational  August 31 – September 1, 2013

Next Board meeting Memorial Day 2013 – Other Federation Business will be handled on-line or via other means of communication
Adjournment Meeting minutes closed 9:30 p.m.

treasurer's report


As outgoing president, I want to thank the member clubs for their tremendous support over the past four years.  It was such a great honor to serve as president as well as the 30 years as secretary-treasurer which provided me the opportunity to meet and gain new friendships that will be long remembered. At each invitational, I always look forward to the task of renewing old acquaintances and in some instances it becomes a “refreshing my memory?” exercise!

Looking back over the Federation’s 42 years my involvement with the Federation has been very rewarding watching the Federation successfully grow from eight charter clubs to 22 clubs. 

It has been an incredible and fulfilling experience to have the pleasure of serving the Federation.  The Federation has kept me upbeat over the years and by performing my services and furthering the game of golf through the Federation, it is my way of giving back.

Going forward with the new board I encourage the member clubs to continue their excellent support to help strengthen the Federation.  This can be accomplished by continuing to attend all future invitational events and to provide feedback to the board on new innovative ideas to achieve the continued success of the Federation. 

Thanks for the great times!
Hugh Lee
Past President
PASSAGES 2011-2012

In recognition of past service to their clubs and to the Federation, we are saddened to announce these passages.  Out of respect for their past services, we convey our deepest sympathy and condolences to families and friends of the following:

        Joe Chan member of Golden Hill Golf Club 
        Jack Hom member of Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club
        Chew Jeong member of Golden Hill Golf Club
        Gosei Kimura former member of Oakland Chinese Golf Club
        Roland Lee member of Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club
        Jack Leong member of Oakland Chinese Golf Club
        Joe Loy member of Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club
        George Lum member of Golden Hill Golf Club
        Ray Lym member of San Francisco Chinese Golf Club       
        Ronald Ong member of Golden Hill Golf Club
        Earl Wong former member of Sacramento Chinese Golf Club
        Victor Wong member of Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club
        Wayne Wong a former member of the Vancouver Chinese Golf Club


Check out the event summaries for the Tucson Federation Invitational, Sacramento Memorial Day Invitational and the Vancouver Labor Day Invitational on the Federation website at www.chinesefedgolf.org.


The winners of the three inter-club matches earn the right to play in the NCC.  The Battle of the Bay between the Dragons, Marin, Oakland and San Francisco was won for the fourth consecutive time by Oakland with the Dragons coming in second to qualify for the NCC.  The Valley Cup between Monta Vista and Santa Clara/Foon Hay this year was won by Monta Vista by default and the Challenge Cup between Sacramento and Weekend Drivers was won by Sacramento.

This year’s NCC that was played at Shadow Lakes in Brentwood was hosted by the Monta Vista club.  There was a change in this year’s event where the host club ran the NCC in conjunction with their own club and invited members from the other eight NCC clubs to participate in a separate tournament to create more friendships and fellowships.

Monta Vista proved that they were deserving of the right to play in the NCC by nosing out the Dragons by a slim margin of one point.  Monta Vista scored 15.5, Dragons scored 14.5, Sacramento scored 10.0 and Oakland scored 8.0.  Individual low net prizes were given to the NCC players and to the other players with closest to the pin awards and a skins game that was part of the entry fee.  There was an awards luncheon following the event. 

Thanks to Sacramento for donating a new rotating trophy.

The 2013 host will be the Dragons.



Many thanks to the host clubs for providing tournament results and photos for posting to the Federation website that can be accessed at www.chinesefedgolf.org.  And, we wouldn’t be able to view this information without the services of our webmaster from the Foon Hay Club, Clarence Bakken, who has taken time from his busy schedule to help in updating the website. 

Please be aware that the Federation website has links to all of the clubs that also have their own website so Federation members can learn about the workings of other Federation clubs.  If visiting members are looking for a game, contact a local club to see if there is an opening.

Posted 2/8/2013