Letter from the Federation President

January 21, 2017

To Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs Members:

The Federation is actively seeking new Officers to manage the affairs of the Federation. We are looking for people to serve as Federation President, First Vice-Vice President, Second Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. See description of duties on the Federation Website under By-Laws. The positions are typically for a 2-year term.

Our Officers assist our Clubs in fulfilling the Federation Objectives:

  • ·       To promote the best interest of golf and fellowship among our Chinese Golf Clubs
  • ·       To promote uniformity of clubs in adherence to USGA rules of golf
  • ·       To provide an organization for all Chinese golf clubs as a means of communication and fraternity
  • ·       To provide an advisory organization to aid other groups of golfers wishing to form a Chinese Golf Club

Over the years, our clubs have grown to be more diversified, with new members from every race, ethnicity, religion, male, female, young and old…. Just “wonderful” people that enjoy the game of golf.

If you have new ideas, think you can make a difference or just want to help, please send me a message showing your interest (position desired) and a little bit about your background that you would like to share with the group.

We will send information to the clubs and post the information on prospective nominees on the Federation Website (www.chinesefedgolf.org). Our plan is to discuss the nominees and vote during our board meeting on Friday, May 19, 2017 in Reno, Nevada. Please submit your information prior to May 6.

If you have any questions or have any comments, please write, email or call.


Rocky Yee
Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs
emailto: ryee_yjk@comcast.net
(916) 391-7821 phone/fax
(916) 548-7739 cell

As an example, here is what Sheila Lee has already submitted:



I have been retired for a couple years and am enjoying life traveling and golfing. I enjoy the Federation events and have participated in the Federation events in Maui, Reno, Victoria, LA and Vancouver. I have been member of Foon Hay Senior Golf Club for several years and have served on the Board as Director, Vice President and President. Currently I am serving my second year term as President of Foon Hay. Some of my past experience with other organizations includes President of Chinese Student Organization in College and President of the California Building Officials Organization during my professional years. I would like to volunteer my time to the Federation to continue the mission where members from various golf clubs can enjoy golfing in different parts of the Country or Canada as well as meeting new golf friends.


Posted 1/21/17