Play-It-Forward Score Reporting

As seniors, we are encouraged to "play it forward" to increase our success on the course and to increase enjoyment. This means that instead of playing say the white tees, it's okay to move up and play either "senior" tees or "forward" tees. The latter are often called the ladies' tees. It's more fun when you have at least a chance of getting on the green in regulation versus never being able to make it.

But when it comes to posting your scores, it's often puzzling to know what to do if there isn't an option to post men's scores from the forward tees because the course hasn't had them rated for men. It can also happen that a lady plays from the whites and sometimes these aren't rated for women. So here's the procedure:

Posting a Score from an Unrated Set of Tees on a Rated Course

If a Course Rating and Slope Rating from a selected set of tees are not available for the appropriate gender, the player may apply the following procedure on a temporary basis:

• Locate the nearest set of rated tees for the appropriate gender;

• Determine the yardage difference between the set of tees being played and the rated set of tees;

• Using the following table, find the range that includes the yardage difference;

Ladies Chart

Men's Chart

 EXAMPLE:  Johnny played from the red tees at a course but there was no rating or slope for men. He looked up the rating and slope of the white tees and they were 70.0 and 122 respectively. He calculated the difference in yardage to be 250 yards. Looking at the table, he found he had to subtract 1.1 strokes from the course rating and 3 strokes from the slope. When he entered the score he shot, he chose to enter the course manually. After naming the course, he entered (70.0 - 1.1) = 68.9 for the course rating and (122 - 3) = 119 for the slope.

NOTE: If a lady played from the whites and they weren't rated for ladies, she would add to both the course rating and the slope using values in the appropriate table above.

QUESTIONS: Fire off a question to Clarence if you don't understand these procedures. Note that the Course Rating is used in calculating your Handicap Index, so it's important.

Posted 2/7/14