Foon Hay Seniors Golf Club


Membership Renewal for 2018
This form is for members to renew their memberships. If you do not currently belong to Foon Hay and wish to become a member, click here for Membership Application.

Please fill out the following information so we can verify the accuracy of our club roster. Make sure your email address is correct and current.

Name: _______________________________ Spouse Name: ___________________________

Address: _________________________________________

City: ___________________________ Zip: _________________

Phone: ________________________ e-mail: _____________________________


2018 Foon Hay Dues Structure

Club Dues including $39 for NCGA

$65 per person

Print this form (one form per household); enclose a check for the appropriate amount payable to "Foon Hay"; send the check (one check can cover multiple players) and your application form to the keeper of our club roster:

Clarence Bakken - Foon Hay
1507 Fantail Ct
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Contact Clarence if you have any questions.

DEADLINE: December 10, 2017

* Renewals received after December 10 must be accompanied by a $5 late fee.

** If your renewal is not received by December 31, your name will be dropped from the active club roster. You will go to the waiting list if you wish to re-join after that time.

Download an MS Word version of the renewal form. It prints on one page.

Download a pdf version of the renewal form. It will print on one page.


Updated 10/7/17