Rules of Golf

Foon Hay

We play the game of golf for fun, but we often are caught not knowing exactly what the rule is to cover a given situation.Some areas might include hitting into a water hazard, lost ball, and taking relief.

Your webmaster will be posting rules here from time to time. These are not intended to penalize Foon Hay members, but rather to encourage us all to abide by the official rules of golf. Most of the tournaments we play will be "stroke play" meaning that we are not playing "match play" where one player competes against another on a hole-by-hole basis.

I found a neat little book that you might be interested in. It's called "Do I Get a Drop?" Information can be found at the website It can be purchased from Just put the title into the search box. The cost is about $10 for the book and it may help to take uncertainty out of your play.

Finally, here are two web sites that discuss the rules of golf. I encourage you to use them as well as read the USGA rules book from time to time to refresh your memory. Good golf!

USGA Rules Page    NCGA Rules Page

Rule 23: Loose Impediments

Water Hazards

Dropping the ball

Holing out your putt

Rule 22: Ball Interfering or Assisting

Rule 27: Ball Out of Bounds


Updated 4/02/14