Rule of the Week

From USGA Members Program 7/8/03
Rule 23
Loose Impediments


Quick Fact
Sand may be removed from the putting green whether your ball lies on or off the putting green.

Term for Rule 23

Do you know what loose impediments are?

Loose impediments are natural objects (such as stones and leaves) not fixed or growing, not solidly embedded and not adhering to the ball. Sand and loose soil are loose impediments only on the putting green.

Rule 23-1 Relief

In stroke play, you may move loose impediments unless the loose impediment and your ball lie in or touch the same hazard (bunker or water). By moving a loose impediment that lies in or touches the same hazard as your ball, you incur a two-stroke penalty.

We encourage members to play by the official rules of golf as developed by the USGA and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.


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