Periodicity with LabQuest 2

In Physical Science and Chemistry, students often study the characteristics behind the Periodic Table. LabQuest has a routine built into it that will aid in discovering and characterizing what we call "periodicity".

New File

Start LabQuest app by turning LabQuest 2 on. If your LabQuest 2 is already on, we recommend you create a new file by tapping on File > New. Either save or discard any data that is already in the LabQuest memory.

Periodic Table

Plotting Table Data
plot LQ2

Other Plots

LabQuest 2 can display other quantities for study. Tap on the y-axis label (Atomic Radius (pm)) and choose from the various quantities that are shown you -- Melting Point, Boiling Point, Density, etc. In this way you can study other important qualities of elements as you move through the Periodic Table.

Even More
Using a similar approach, you can study how the various quantities are related to one another across the Periodic Table.

The use of this powerful tool, which is built into LabQuest, is now in the hands of the instructors.

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C. Bakken
March 2012