PHYSLab '99

Participant Labs


Centripetal Force Aaron Larson
Your Condition is Terminal! Angela Glidewell
Velocity of a Bouncing Object Margaret Showalter
Vector Scavenger Hunt Stan Gann
The Ballistic Pendulum Catalina Moreno
The Effect of Sampling Rate on Velocity-Time Graph Integrals Scott Partidge
Thrills, Chills and Spills: Roller Coaster Physics Nina Morley
Rotational Kinetic Energy Jean Waldbieser
Archimedes Jay Waldstein
Physics Dash Gary Severtson
Rock Slide Dennis Hintz
Two Dimensional Motion Jon Shemwell

E & M

Magnetic Fields and Distance Duane Nickell
Lenz's Law Julie Bresowar
Snappy Faraday Lab

Chris Fracchia

Rich Fox

Magnetic Field Around a Long Straight Wire John Proud


Laser Wavelength Through Diffraction Tom Wellington

Nuclear Physics

Radiation Distance Gordon Cutten


Student Built Electronic Light Meter Brad Katuna