Online Instructor Labs


The following instructor labs are currently online. The labs as written can be printed and used by instructors and students. The html code can be obtained by viewing the document source, then saving. Revisions can be made and a new document can be played locally by your browser and then printed and used in your classes. Finally, a program such as WebWhacker can be used to capture the whole page, including graphics, for use and modification locally. In some cases, the MS Word document that was created originally is linked on the bottom of the lab page. In others, the CBL program is linked in UUEncoded format for TI-82.

We hope this collection of labs will be interesting and useful to you as you plan your year's program in Physics. Check out the labs which were written by our participants, also.




Circular and Projectile Motion


Work & Energy


Simple Harmonic Motion

Electricity and Magnetism


Electric Currents

Capacitance & Electronics


Electromagnetic Induction

Last updated 11/28/99